As you step into the Mobile Escape Room, you will enter a themed room with one task in mind – to solve the clues and escape! To do this, you and your teammates will have to solve puzzles, identify patterns, decipher codes, analyse data, locate evidence and investigate! You and your team must work together, quickly and decisively to discover the answers to the challenges and crack that final code to achieve your goal – and do it before the clock runs out!



Our Mobile Escape Rooms are so versatile that you can almost set up your Escape Room anywhere – as long as you have enough space! We can create your Mobile Escape Room inside or outside, as long as you have a power source.  Each Mobile Escape Room comes complete with a Games Master to set the scene, guide you if you get stuck and take group photos if you succeed!


There are different themes to choose from, as well as a Table Top Escape Box version – perfect if you have lots of people!



Why not go one step further and fully brand your Escape Room… we can customise your room regardless of your theme, logo or brand so just let us know! We can also design you your very own Escape Room experience – contact our team today to find out more!

Our Mobile Escape Room Games

Below are our mobile escape rooms we bring to you, clicking on any link will take you to our mobile escape room website.


What exactly are they trying to hide in Section 51? Once you discover what’s inside, you’ll be desperate to get out!


It’s only a matter of time before the digital fraudster goes undercover, can you catch him in the act?


Can you uncover hidden evidence in the office of the Casino Owner and unearth a major crime ring before it’s too late?


You have limited time to decipher the extraction code to save your friend before the mole in MI6 gets to it and him first?

What to expect


Full branding available on all Escape rooms, regardless of your event, logo or theme


We have various difficulty levels suitable for newbies to seasoned Escape Room experts!


All age groups are welcome to take part in the Escape Room challenge although 10+ is best


We can cater for many people from 10 to 400+ – just let us know how many people you have attending